The original hall in 2007

The original hall was purchased from the RAF at Swynerton in 1958 for £66.00. Its original construction dating back to WW1 when it was in service as a barrack building. 

The land on which the hall sits and the adjacent 'Hut Field' was kindly donated by Mr Weaver who lived in Melrose, the adjoining property, until his death in 1958.

Records kept by the treasurer of the committee represent a history of the village hall as far back as 1937.

During the war years the village hall attracted a great deal of dance's, with the young ladies wooing American and Polish soldiers, due in part to its excellent dance floor.

During the 70's the Womens Institute instigated much needed repairs to the roof of the hall. The roof has once again been made good during 2007 by using a silage clamp membrane which served the hall for a further 3 years!

The hall is managed by committee and overseen by the Trustee's of the village hall which normally meet on the first Monday of every month.

The most recent committee changes occurred in 2007 which replaced the committee which had been incumbent since 1966.

Four years of intensive fund raising, publicity and events raised the funds to replace the hall which commenced in November 2010.

We hope that we have been able to keep some of the magic of the old hall but its modern features and facilities make it accessible and valuable to a whole new range of users and uses.

The new hall opened in 2011

During the 4 years leading up to 2011 fundraising generated £190,000 of capital to rebuild our village hall and the results are fabulous. Our new hall can easily accommodate 80 people and with baby and disabled facilities the hall provides much more inclusive facilities than the previous one.

Visually the new hall is has a contemporary theme and the choice of neutral decor enables many more uses and themes to be adopted by the users.

The fully fitted, catering grade, kitchen enables catering facilities for events whilst the users enjoy a large open hall space with a damped dance floor. The hall space enjoys natural lighting from automatic opening roof lights and air conditioning.

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